Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Hazel Margaretes of Sideros Designs on a knife project. Yep, you read that correctly: A knife. 

Hazel is an extremely talented knife maker right here in Seattle, WA. She was approached a while back by a mutual client and asked to design a custom knife, setting rough sapphires in the ebony handle. If you have been following our blog, this is the same client that is working on a custom ring with these same rough sapphires. You can check out the start of her ring design process on our blog post, Montana Mining

Anyway, back to knife making. Basically, we set the rough sapphires in bezels, and Hazel did all the rest. Her craftsmanship is beautiful, and I am so excited about her process of working metal into knives that I had to share it! If you are looking for a custom knife, you can find Hazel and her knives at Sideros Designs on Facebook. It is definitely work a peek! Here is the process of the stunning knife she made. (These photos were all taken by Hazel Margaretes.)

knife measurements
red hot
checking the design
sideros logo
drilling the handle
gluing the handle