Recently, Seattle couple, Erica and Nic, came by the shop to talk about the design of their wedding rings. It turns out they both share the same astrological water sign, Cancer. Of course this information didn’t seem like a big deal when we began this project, starting with design ideas that were more geometric and modern. As the design of these rings evolved, though, so did the curves and the waves. When I look at these rings all finished, I feel like I am looking right into their personalities, and of course the water that is at their core. 

Like I always do, I am going to show part of the process of these rings, but I also want to note that Nic’s mom had been wearing his grandmothers diamond in a white and yellow gold ring. You can see this in the first image. I cut this diamond out of that original setting to use in Erica’s new wedding ring. In turn, as a gift, Nic and Erica has us add a garnet back into the original ring and refurbish it, so his mom could continue wearing it again.

Here is the evolution of these three rings. 

Before we cut the diamond out.
Wax ring models before casting. www.EverlingJewelry.com
Rough castings. Before cleanup and polishing. www.EverlingJewelry.com
Finished wedding rings. www.EverlingJewelry.com
Refurbished garnet ring