A lovely couple, and friends of jeweler, Kyle Coffey, came into the shop to talk about a wedding set that evoked a sense of wabi-sabi. This is a Japanese aesthetic that typically embodies a sense of simplicity, asymmetry, and irregularity. In order to convey these ideas, our client Kayobi, requested a Trillion cut center stone, making the mounting asymmetrical and ever so slightly off balance.

Here is the process for how we turned this idea into a simple, yet elegant wedding set. The main pieces were CAD modeled, milled and cast in 18k yellow gold and the inside piece was hand fabricated in platinum. From CAD, to casting, to the finished rings...

cad rendering
rendering on the hand
melting the gold
right after the gold has been poured
pulling the ring from the casting flask
fresh out of casting
starting to fit all the pieces together
18k yellow gold and platinum wedding set