For whatever reason, warm tones have a bad rap. Well, not bad, but overlooked. And it isn't just jewelry, the warm tones are often overlooked from bath towels to shirt colors. When we have a client that isn't looking for a diamond, then a blue gem tends to be the next safest option. Let me just say that I love all my clients, but I really love a client that is willing to take a giant leap outside the white and blue box and shout to the world, "I love orange!" Sexy, isn't it?

And sexy she is...Ginny took that leap with her partner Dennis, crossing over into the ever scary and less traveled...dun, dun, dun...warm tones. Ginny was looking for an orange sapphire with a touch of pink that she could put in a yellow gold setting. Here is what we created. 

orange and pink sapphires www.everlingjewelry.com
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#EverlingJewelry. 18k recycled yellow gold with platinum accent. Diamonds and a padparadscha sapphire.