So, let's start with wedding bands in general. They all used to be pretty simple and plain. It wasn't uncommon for a couple to get two basic gold bands and call it a day.

Today, though, the ladies are lucking out on the proposal front with large, blingy rings. Which is great, but it feels like their partners think that they aren't entitled to splurge on a cool ring too.

Because of this, what do we see trending right now in the jewelry marketplace? Cheap titanium and tungsten men's bands. $100 will get you a wedding band that is nearly indestructible and completely lacking in imagination and sentiment. I say it is time that the guys take back their wedding rings, making them special, unique, and part of the story of their relationship. 

Here are just a few that we recently created in honor of lasting commitment. Each one of these rings has deep, sentimental qualities, and I am so honored that I got to be part of the process to guide them through their design vision. Way to claim it, guys!

criss-cross band
Everling Hexagon Two Tone Band
sand dunes band