I love getting to know each client through the design process and seeing pieces of their personalities, careers, and lives shine through their custom design. In this case, Nicole is an architect (with a great eye for awesome earrings), so I mostly let her guide the direction of her ring. We went over several samples of what could be done and started out with the idea that an octagonal bezel might be the way to go. In the end we let the idea of eight sides fall away. We ended up with a design direction that needed to be modern with a hint of something interesting, all wrapped up with a sculptural feel. I think we did it!

As for Jay, he works under a microscope all day looking at the nerve pathways of fruit flies. (Yes, I saw photos, and it's as rad as it sounds.) While we originally discussed the possibility of using these intersecting, squiggly lines that he sees under a scope all day as the texture for his ring, we opted for something less literal and more texture focused. We used a silver study to show several possible textures, and the one you see below is the one he chose. It was important to this couple that their rings still be unified somehow, so we matched the metal and a matte finish.